Technology has sent business
through a massive transformation.

In the next 5 years,

2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013

There’s a strong likelihood
that someone in your industry

Won’t make it.

Will it be you?

We asked

4,994 people what they thought of the changing landscape.

See how your answers stack up,
and how ready you are for what’s ahead.

The world has changed.

Google’s advertising revenue is now bigger than that of the entire U.S. print industry.

2/3 of Apple’s revenue
comes from products
it released after 2007,

And while most businesses struggle to catch up,

Companies like Amazon
are leading the way.

With annual revenues larger than the GDPS

Of half the
world’s countries,

They have enough
warehouse space to fill over

700 Madison Square Gardens,

And a bigger stake in
North American e-commerce

than Office Depot, Staples,
Dell, and Sears combined.

Amazon cart Office Depot, Staples, Dell, & Sears cart

And it’s not just the big companies
like Google, Apple, and Amazon

Start-ups like:


Ouya is an android-based gaming console that allows any developer to build video games to play on your tv.

Pledges Requested: $950,000
Pledges Received: $8,596,474

Visit their kickstarter page


Flipbookit is a kit that you can purchase to build your own hand-cranked or motorized 24-frame animations.

Pledges Requested: $5,000
Pledges Received: $137,567

Visit their kickstarter page


Brydge is an ultra-secure iPad keyboard with built-in speakers that allows for close to 180 degrees of positioning.

Pledges Requested: $90,000
Pledges Received: $797,979

Visit their kickstarter page

Are crowdfunding
their way to success,

And claiming their
piece of the pie.

Do you believe your company is keeping up with the changing landscape of business?

12% of people don't believe
their companies are
keeping up with changing
landscape of business.

Consumers have changed too.

In 1999, there
were 38 million broadband Internet
users worldwide.

Today, 1.2 billion
people get
broadband Internet
on their phones.

Nearly half of
Facebook’s 150 million
daily visits come
from mobile,

And more people
have mobile devices

Than access
to safe
drinking water

Or Electricity.

Does your business have a plan to stay competitive in an increasingly mobile world?

71% of businesses don't have a plan to stay competitive in the new mobile world.

The competition has changed too.

Staying competitive is not
just about keeping up with mobile

Competition Today

Comes From Everywhere


In just 4 years,


Launched Over


New Projects

And raised

$521 Million.

Last year they distributed more
money to businesses in the arts

Than the national
endowment for the arts.

Source: Policymic

And they helped launch
emerging companies like this

How prepared is your business to deal with the speed of this competitive landscape?

13% of businesses are not
prepared to deal with
the speed of today's
competitive landscape.

The world has changed.

18-24 year olds have an average of 510 Facebook friends

2 billion videos per week are monetized on Youtube

89 million Americans will watch an online video today

5.3 trillion display ads were served last year

There are 400 million tweets sent per day

1 billion smartphones will be shipped this year

Mobile commerce will be $150 billion this year

50% of clicks on mobile ads are accidental

Mobile drives 23% of paid
search clicks

We spend 2.5 hrs a day on our mobile devices

50% of wireless traffic
is video

The US is at 101% wireless penetration

E-Commerce was a $1 trillion industry last year

Social gaming will be a $5 billion market by 2015

40 billion Apps have been downloaded from the
App Store

And we’re still in the
middle of this evolution.

If you want to be employable
in the next 5 years

It’s time to reboot.

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